Songwriting Prices

I also do songwriting. Only for singers however. So if you need a song written, or even just a hook or one verse (such as a feature on someone elses song), I can do that for you. If you don’t have a big following, all I ask is you don’t deny it was written by me if asked. It does not have to be credited anywhere. If you do have a big following, I will need my name on the copyright if you make one.

EXAMPLES: No full songs as of yet, but any song that you hear from me that has a singer on it, I wrote their part on the hooks. Such as the “Time Loop” song at the top of this page on my soundcloud. Other songs I have singing on that I wrote: “Chosen One”, “One Time”, “Too Live”, and “Ready To Win”

Diadi Disclaimer: It does not have to be paid for until it is to your liking, however, you will only receive small examples of the finished product until you pay for it.

One song – $50. Allow me to use it as an example of my work on my website.

Hook or one verse – $25 for one, or $35 for both. Allow me to use it as an example of my work on my website.

Contracts come with the purchase and will be personally made for each transaction.

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