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Yoooo!!! So, as you know I make 3 different types of videos on my youtube: Music videos, poetry, and parodies. Im about to start doing 2 more types of videos within the next week or 2. One of them will be a cross over between my parodies and poetry. I’ll basically be taking industry rap songs and turning them into poetry. The second type of video will be completely original. It will be a series that I drop once a week. Basically it will be a conflict between my good and bad conscience on various situations. The videos will be humorous. I dont want to give too much detail, so just check it out to see what I mean. Stick with me, I always got more to come. #TuneIn

New Parody!!!

Wassup everyone. So, I have a new parody out. Doing the song from 2 Chainz, titled “It’s A Vibe.” This one is a little different, I decided to go out and shoot most of the video outside. Hope you all enjoy!!! And if you like it, hit that like and subscribe button for me.


By Any Means!

The music video is officially here!!! Off my latest EP “All Or Nothing.” The single is called “By Any Means.” Its a hype/motivational song. Never stop pushing towards your goals. Check it out. #TuneIn

Chaotically Calm

Wassup everyone. Got a new video for yall. Poetry vid! Its been awhile, I know. Its called “Chaotically Calm” and yeah, it gets very deep. Check it out HERE and feel the words. Leave a comment too. #TuneIn

All Or Nothing

Final Cover

Yooo! It’s official! The EP has dropped. It’s called “All Or Nothing” and it has 5 songs on it. You can listen to it HERE. If that site isn’t convenient, you can also listen to it on spotify, apple music, tidal, youtube and many other streaming sites.  Its also available on here to buy up top in the page “Support.” Or you can buy it from amazon or itunes. Support good chicago music!

Tap Out!!!

Wassup everyone. I know its been awhile. But I got something for you. Got a new video out! Its a parody I did of Kendrick Lamar’s song Humble, called “Uncle”. I havent done a parody in years, but it felt like I never left as I was writing it. Click play and enjoy! Go hit that like and subscribe button if you feeling the vid.

Break Out Productions

Im still providing certain services as I pursue this music business. Need photography, music videos, mixing/mastering, or songwriting? My prices are up top in “Services” and im easily reachable at the “Contact/Booking” link above. Get it now while its affordable!

Available everywhere!!!

Wassup yall. Been making moves so I havent posted in awhile. But im stopping by to let yall know, you can now find my music on any streaming site, including apple music, spotify, iHeartRadio, Tidal, and many others. Its also available on itunes and amazon for purchase. Be on the lookout for it to appear on Pandora very soon as well. So look me up and add me to your playlists. The time is coming…

Also, trying to go full force on my promotion. So I also bought me a custom hoody from so everywhere I go I’m promoting the brand. The grind never stops.


Wassup everyone. I know its been a minute, but im back. Just dropped a new album called “B.A.R.S. (Bringing A Revolutionary Saga) and its the best one yet. Outstanding lyricism, amazing flow, and fantastic engineering. At the moment, you can head over to this link HERE to listen to it or go to datpiff.  If you want to download the album and support the cause, you can click the “Support” button up top. I also have my other albums for download there as well.

Next concert

About to be in another show on stage for a couple songs. Saturday, Feb 20th at the North Bar, downtown Chicago. Come through and have a good time with the kid. Click HERE for ticket info. You definitely dont wanna miss this!

Make sure you buy yo tickets online at the link above!