That’s Deep

I will be posting inspirational quotes up here.  I will also be posting various statements and quotes that have a deep meaning to them.  I will NOT post anything that I heard from somebody else.  It will only be things that I have thought about.  Some will just be thoughts, some will be little snippets from my poetry, and other’s will be lines from my music.

Actions speak louder than words / So imma need demonstrations for each of your verbs

Happiness is nothing more than a mind state / But why do i feel like misery is my soul mate

Day dreaming of a new tomorow, start my life over / This time wear a sweater, cause lately life has been seeming colder / Frustrations run rampant through me like the jungle / Everytime progression occurs, i enter a bigger struggle / Evolution in progress, many know that I love that phrase / Its true because i been running fo days but still end up at the beginning of the maze

How can I win, when my emotions lose?  Guess you just gotta learn to move on from your past.  This stems from doing something that you know is good for you in the long run, but in the short run, it will HURT!

I don’t believe in “homewreckers” because if someone is able to wreck your home/relationship, then it never had a good foundation in the first place and was destined to fall.

Why at pitchforks in our life, the heart chooses the right and the mind chooses the left?  Since you going RIGHT, you THINK thats the RIGHT choice….but the mind is more rational so 9 times out of 10, the heart is wrong.  I like to think the heart is right more times than that, but minds dont get broke, only hearts do.

My brain is what’s sane, with rationialization / Pacing, waiting, not patient, can’t label my foundation / Cause im specific, not a generalization / Timeless, stuck in one generation / Constant rotation stuck in one location / Comitted, although it’s a lot of temptation / Running with no acceleration / I know its coming……………it’s just on vacation

I am off rhythm, until we meet / Then our tempo flows to the perfect beat / The kick to my heart beat, the melody to my soul / The snare to my eardrum, Then the lyrics make me whole

My entire life/personality is a gift and a curse and it’s alot of irony between my personality and what I want out of life so I often say that i’m aids and the cure combined.

They asked if  I was worth it….I said yeah…..They said they needed proof…..Well call me everclear.

Emotions run deep when I thought I was floating / Fell through a puddle and landed in the ocean

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