Get To Know The Photographer

I have a great set up for photoshoots, including a great camera, awesome lighting kit, and 3 different backdrops including a green screen. I can do any type of photoshoot so just contact me and we can discuss what you need and schedule a time.

order Latuda canada Prices:

$20 for a photoshoot with 1 person
$25 for 2 people
$30 for 3 people
$35 for 4 or more people

And it will be $1 for every picture that you want me to send to you. Plus another dollar if you want the picture edited by me.
I accept cash or credit card.

We can take as many pictures as you want however and you only need to pay for the pictures you like. I can either email them to you, or I can put them on a flash drive that you provide at the time of the shoot.

I can also take pictures for you in an outside location of your choosing. That will cost extra depending on where I need to drive to. So contact me with any questions about that.

I also do events for $25 an hour.

Any other questions, just contact me and we can discuss it.


Here is my set up. (Taken with my phone’s camera so the actual camera would be in the shot)
*Edit, I need to update this picture because I have upgraded my camera to a canon rebel now.
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