New Venture!

Yooooooo! Don’t take the title too literally. I havent stopped making music. However, I have put it on a slight hiatus while I do something else. Making skits (which also includes music anyway, lol). Imma have an entire page dedicated to hosting the videos from youtube. I may be delayed in posting them here, so make sure you go subscribe for me so you can see them soon as they drop. Here is the first one in a LONG line of more to come. For the rest of the skits, CLICK HERE.

Over It

Sooooooo……..official video for the 3rd single is out!!!!! Go check it out and leave a comment if you feeling it. It’s 2020, we cutting off ALL negativity this year. Let this song be your inspiration for that!

That’s Bae

*Warning* CHART TOPPING HIT IN THE MAKING! My second single “That’s Bae” off my recent EP “Never Look Back.” The official video is here! Go drop a comment if you feeling it. And make sure you share it on facebook and tag yo bae in it.¬†

Only Be Me

Check out the official music video for my first single off my recent EP “Never Look Back” Go leave a comment on it if you feeling it. Show some love.

The Come Up Series

Doing something a little different here. I got a series of songs coming out (2 have dropped already), all part of the same series. The purpose of these songs is strictly for entertainment and/or parties. They will be available on all streaming sites for your convenience. So, go add them to your playlists and turn that volume up at the party, and get lit!

Never Look Back

Been a long time coming. BUT!…….New EP has dropped today titled “Never Look Back”. Exclusive beats, professional studio time, professional videos for each song coming as well (first video is out now). It’s available on all music streaming sites: Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Google Music Play, Tidal, etc. 7 songs, so go check it out and add it to your playlists!

New Video Alert!!!

Video has finally dropped for my latest single “Time Loop” from my EP. So check that out below. Available to stream on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Google Play, as well as many other streaming sites.
And while you’re on the youtube page, check out the last video I dropped a few weeks ago for “Memory Lane” also available on all streaming sites.

Music Videos All Year

Wassup everyone. I have decided to start doing music videos for many of my songs. So I will be dropping vids all throughout the year! Starting with my song “Memory Lane” which dropped over the weekend. Take a look and enjoy!

Acting Debut (Video in the post)

Wassup everyone. Long time no talk. Lol. But anyway, I have some news. At the beginning of this year, I started getting back into my first passion, acting. I have been involved in a couple of things so far and its still growing. The first gig has been posted for you all take a look at. It’s a short film about 3 millennials who turn to crime to keep from being broke. It’s comedy/drama/thriller. It’s real short, and you can view it right here in this post! Go to the link and leave a like/comment if you enjoyed it.

New Mixtape Alert!!!

Wassup everyone. So, I have a new mixtape out now. For black friday!! It’s titled “Studio Vibes” Exclusively free, but also exclusively for those that signs up to my emailing list. By signing up, not only do you get the link to download or stream the mixtape, you will also occasionally get exclusive discounts on the services I provide! So sign up below, and enjoy the free mixtape!